Reports to School Partners


2016 Report to School Partners

In this election edition of the school report, we highlight for our school partners some of the study findings from California, Minnesota, and West Virginia that are relevant to the 2016 Election. The results showcase how young people are becoming interested, informed, and engaged in politics well before they are eligible to vote, and interesting age differences in these trends. These school reports were state-specific. To download a full copy of the California report, click here. The Minnesota report, click here. And, the West Virginia report, click here.


2014 Report to School Partners

In Spring 2014, we collected data from 2,475 youth in Grades 4-12 in California, Minnesota, and West Virginia. The survey included questions about young people’s civic engagement, character strengths, and their experiences at school and home. In addition to surveying young people, we also surveyed 872 of their parents to get their perspective as well as learn more about the parent-child relationship. In this 2014 report to our school partners, we summarize some actionable evidence from this first wave of data. To download a full copy of the report, click here.


2013 Report to School Partners

In Fall 2012, we sat down with 90 students (30 each from California, Minnesota, and West Virginia) to talk about their involvement, thoughts about, and experiences in school and in their communities. The 2013 report to our school partners summarizes our first analyses of these qualitative interviews, including what character strengths young people identify with. For example, we found that nearly 80 percent of youth identified themselves as leaders, but few youth see themselves as purposeful. We also found that youth were quick to name a variety of informal ways they help others at school, but they had more limited experience helping others in their community. To download a full copy of the report, click here.